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Pre-Registration / History

Thank you for choosing Pinnacle Surgery Center for your upcoming surgery or procedure.

To start the pre-surgical assessment process, Pinnacle requests you fill out your medical history online with HSTPathways. Please call us if you need us to email or text you the link if you have not received it. We recommend that you enter your medical history online as soon as your surgery has been scheduled. Once you do this, our Pre-Surgical Assessment nurse will be able to access the information you entered online. This information will assist the nurse in organizing and documenting your complete medical history to prepare for your surgery.

Completing pre-assessment medical history online is easy. For most patients, filling out the entire questionnaire takes less than 15 minutes. Please fill out the questionnaire accurately, and be assured that all of your information is kept confidential and will be thoroughly reviewed by your medical team. Please contact us if you need assistance with this process.

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